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Proper Planning Prevents Disaster With Victor Herrera


Panel Discussion

Thank you to everyone who joined wills, trusts and estates attorney Victor Herrera of Carmel & Naccasha, for a panel discussion presented by the Sea Coast Seniors titled Proper Planning Prevents Disaster yesterday. Victor discussed how proper planning, including having a will, trust and estate plan completed by a legal professional, can help prevent a disaster for you and your loved ones and heirs.

Sea Coast Seniors’ Mission

Sea Coast Seniors’ mission is to empower, equip and inspire mature homeowners and their families with information needed to make knowledge driven, rather than crisis driven, decisions as they grow older.

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If you need assistance in the administration of a trust or have questions about how a trust should be administered, please give us a call at (805) 546-8785 and ask for Victor Herrera or Stephanie Barclay in our Wills, Trusts & Estates department at Carmel & Naccasha. Thank you.

In case you missed it, you can watch 20 minutes of the seminar here.

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