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Insurance Coverage, Analysis and Defense

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Our team of insurance attorneys review, analyze and provide counsel on your insurance policies or those you seek to procure so that your insurance needs are fully protected. Understanding when you may or may not be covered is critical for the long term health of your business. We advise clients on the legal implications of documents such as a reservation of rights letter that an insurer needs drafted or that a policy holder may receive after making a claim under a particular type of policy, including a determination if the policy holder has a legal right to independent counsel to represent their interests. Our attorneys also advise clients on the propriety of denials of coverage and represent their interests in coverage litigation involving whether a certain policy or policy provision affords or precludes insurance coverage.

Carmel & Naccasha’s Insurance team also defends insurers against allegations by an insured after denial of a claim and assists in the interpretation of coverage language.

This area of law includes:

  • Policy wording, drafting or analysis;
  • Insurance evaluation;
  • Insurance litigation; and,
  • Assistance with application processes (for example, advising insurers to deny coverage on, and successfully litigate claims that stem from something as benign as an arguably falsified insurance application).

Below are Carmel & Naccasha attorneys who specialize in insurance law.
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