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Litigation Attorney

For a list of litigation attorneys, please see below.

The entire process of prosecuting or defending against a lawsuit is inherently stressful. Our litigation attorneys have decades of practical experience and a proven record of fighting for our clients’ desired outcomes, whether they are an individual, business or government agency that is contemplating litigation or has been named as a defendant. Our litigation attorneys become their trusted advisers because we know their reputation is at stake and respond or pursue claims expediently.

Our litigators have defended and pursued civil proceedings that include all steps of this process in state and federal courts for individuals, businesses, and public agencies.

Civil Litigation Attorneys

  • Pleadings;
  • Discovery and motions;
  • Settlements using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including mediation or arbitration;
  • Trials;
  • Judgments; and,
  • Appeals.

Commercial Litigation Attorneys

  • Resolving business conflicts and lawsuit prevention strategies;
  • Employment litigation avoidance planning;
  • Insurance litigation;
  • Insurance coverage analysis;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Business, corporate, partnership, and LLC disputes;
  • Emergency injunction proceedings; and,
  • Real property and property rights defense.

Trust Litigation Attorneys

  • Protection of a beneficiary’s rights under a trust;
  • Enforcing requirements that the trustee provide the client with a copy of the trust or an accounting of the trust assets; and,
  • Providing clarification of the meaning of a trust and assisting in assuring that the wishes of the trustor are carried out.

Below are Carmel & Naccasha attorneys who specialize in litigation.
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