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New Employment Law Due July 1

Are You Prepared To Implement Your Business’

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan?

Carmel & Naccasha employment law specialist Emilie Elliott recently provided an overview of the new California Workplace Violence Protection Plan (WVPP) to more than 50 members of the Human Resources Association of the Central Coast. Effective July 1, nearly all California employers are required to implement a Workplace violence Prevention Plan as mandated by Senate Bill 553. The California Workplace Violence Protection Plan is intended to provide enhanced protections against workplace violence, fill in the gaps in existing workplace safety, and create a safer work environment.

Is your business prepared to implement this complex plan? Employers with questions or concerns about developing and implementing the WVPP are encouraged to consult with an experienced employment law attorney. Carmel & Naccasha specializes in employment law, representing employers only. To contact an employment law specialist, call us at (805) 546-8785 or find us at 

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