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Reunite Nour (Syrian Refugee) and Her Dog Tuti



SLO4HOME, a compassionate organization assisting Afghan, Ukranian, and Syrian refugee families and bringing them to the central coast, has a heartwarming story to share. Meet Nour, a Syrian refugee whose life was transformed by her beloved dog, Tuti. Back in Syria, Nour battled severe depression, but everything changed when Tuti entered her life. This loyal companion brought light and hope, literally saving Nour’s life. In Nour’s own words, “Tuti brought life back to me. She was my 24/7 supporter. She used to sit by my side all the time when I was studying as I got better. I always imagined her saying, ‘Keep going, you can do this. I believe in you!'”

Since immigrating, Nour had to leave Tuti behind in Syria. SLO4HOME, who has been supporting Nour’s journey, shared a GoFundMe page to reunite Nour and Tuti once again. Let’s make it happen! 

Join Us

Inspired by their touching bond and the memories of our beloved pets, we’ve made a $250 donation on behalf of our firm. Now, we urge all of you to join us in spreading the love by sharing this GoFundMe page across your social media platforms. Together, we can bring joy and healing to Nour’s life! Any additional funds raised support the same organization that helps reunite humans with their beloved pets. Thank you for your consideration.

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