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Game On! Carmel & Naccasha and EP Wealth Advisors Vying for the Title of Most Active Firm

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For the second year in a row the Central Coast Walk Challenge will feature two of the Central Coast’s most respected companies who have challenged each other for the title of Most Active Firm. For the entire month of June employees at both Carmel & Naccasha and EP Wealth Advisors (formerly Wacker Wealth Partners) will compete to determine who can walk more steps, equating to the most miles.

The ultimate winner? Each firm will donate $1,000 to Friends of 40 Prado, for a combined donation of $2,000. Both Carmel & Naccasha and EP Wealth Advisors were aligned in their focus for philanthropic giving this year with homelessness being on the list of each firm.

All participating employees have downloaded an app on their phones and have connected them to their wearable device if appropriate, ensuring the exact number of steps are being tracked. And the team that is first runner up (heretofore referred to as, the loser…) will host a Happy Hour celebration for both companies. Both firms agree that Happy Hour always tastes better when the competition is paying.

Stay tuned for updates.

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