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Barbara Altimus & Z Naccasha Guest Lecture at Cal Poly’s MBA Law Class

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Guest Lecture

On Friday, August 26, Barbara Altimus and Ziyad Naccasha guest lectured at Lisa Sperow’s “The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business” graduate-level business class at California Polytechnic State University, SLO

When Your Company Needs a General Counsel?

Preventative strategies are vital to limit a company’s liability exposure. An outside general counsel helps avoid problems and can assist with setting the tone in the workplace. Carmel & Naccasha recognizes that MBA students could greatly benefit from understanding how crucial a general counsel is in entrepreneurial success. 

Thank you Professor Lisa Sperow for inviting us to visit your classroom! We very much enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what amazing things your students accomplish.

Presentation Infographic

Infographic given to MBA students during presentation


To find out more about Carmel & Naccasha’s outside general counsel services and pricing, please contact Z Naccasha.

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