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Entrepreneurship in the Rise of New Media

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Carmel & Naccasha was proud to be the event sponsor for a panel discussion at the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) titled Get Connected: Entrepreneurship in the Rise of New Media.

The panel was moderated by Jonathan York, Interim Executive Director and Co-founder of the Cal Poly CIE.

Panelists were Sandy Grushow, currently Executive Chairman Winston House Media, a new music-focused lifestyle brand. Previously, Mr. Grushow spent 24 years in the entertainment division of Fox. And Jason Neubauer, CEO Santa Claus Affect which seeks to “change the dialog on social media, as well as society overall, from one that promotes self-satisfaction to one that aims tat helping as many people as possible.”

The panelists were well informed and spoke mainly about three topics:

  1. The distinction between ‘old media’ driven by ratings and with a high cost barrier to entry, and ‘new media’ which is subscription based and accessible to anyone as it has a low cost to entry.
  1. Talent still matters.
  1. They focused on the role that influencers play on the starting or successful business and how the key for choosing an influencer and message is to be truly authentic.

Visit the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship to learn more about their program and other upcoming events.

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