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Covid-19 Guidance Documents from CDPH

Show the Covid-19 guidance documents

The California Department for Public Health has issued Covid-19 guidance documents for our County’s bars, restaurants and wineries.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  1. Separated the Restaurants, Wineries, and Bars guidance into three separate guidance documents,
  2. Added Tiers language
    a. Included information about performances/performers in these settings and references forthcoming live performances guidance,
  3. Added language about ventilation,
  4. Revised Face Coverings section to reference CDPH guidance,
  5. Includes consideration for employers to provide a second barrier (e.g., face shield or safety goggles) to workers who consistently come within 6 feet of customers and co-workers,
  6. Includes physical distancing between tables measuring from the backs of the chairs.

For the full guidelines, visit under “Restaurants, wineries, and bars.”

Carmel & Naccasha LLP hopes that these Covid-19 guidance documents are helpful in navigating the ever-changing regulations that impact our County’s bars, restaurants and wineries.

Please contact us about legal questions or help regarding bars, restaurants and wineries.

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