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Industrial Health and Safety

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Regardless of business size or industry sector, all employers face challenges protecting the safety and health of their employees. Carmel & Naccasha assists employers in complying with the numerous and complex Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s federal and state standards and regulations. Our experience in employment law, business, combined with health and safety allows us to assess each individual clients’ needs to balance commercial goals against an OSHA question or problem. Whether we are counseling on safety and health matters or representing management in safety and health litigation, our team of attorneys uses its legal expertise to provide clients with in-depth coverage of OSHA rulemaking, enforcement, and compliance issues.

This area of law includes:

  • Lockout/tagout
  • Fall protection
  • Permit-required confined spaces
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Medical surveillance and medical removal
  • Occupational exposure limits
  • Engineering controls
  • Hazard communication and chemical management, including the Globally Harmonized System
  • Federal Drug and Alcohol Program management

Below are Carmel & Naccasha attorneys who specialize in industrial health and safety law.
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