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Mindfulness in the Workplace


Meditation and Mindfulness

Carmel & Naccasha expresses its deep gratitude to Tiffany Kramlich of Still Ambition, for leading a virtual workshop tailored for our entire team and teaching us the importance of mindfulness in the workplace. With the busy holiday season in full swing, our firm offered our employees a meditation workshop, aimed to alleviate stress and kindle creativity and productivity. Beyond the immediate benefits of stress reduction, we acknowledge the broader positive impact that incorporating meditation into the workplace can bring. This includes enhanced focus, heightened productivity, improved problem-solving skills, decreased stress and anxiety levels, and an overall boost in well-being.

Tiffany’s expertise and engaging approach left a lasting impression on our firm, making it an experience we recommend to any business aspiring to cultivate growth and foster a positive work environment with an emphasis on work-life balance.

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