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With Valentine’s Day behind us, now might be a good time to talk about attorney client relations.  The next time your phone call is placed on hold for an interminable time or you find yourself without reading material while waiting for an airplane, take a look at attorney reviews.  Scroll past the eponymous posts and the ones that disclose or admit sharing the same gene pool, to find the real opinions.

We know that the rules governing attorney conduct require that an attorney be diligent and represent a client zealously and competently and respond to inquiries in a reasonably prompt manner but what do clients require?  If you read enough posts, certain themes re-appear in the 5-star ratings:  “he treated me like a person”; “he explained what was going on in language I could understand”; “she answered my phone calls”; “everyone in the office was very nice to me”.  The 1-star reviews also had related themes:  “she seemed so disorganized and never remembered the details of my case”; “never returned my phone calls”; “billed me for things I never heard of”.  The common theme running through all of the posts: communication.

I read through pages and pages of recommendation posts and not once did I spot a client complaining because his or her attorney contacted them too often.

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