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Running for a Good Cause (and Great Scenery and Wine) in Paso Robles

Because I get to post under the title "Postings from Paso" I don't feel my contribution is limited to legal issues but is more about events and issues affecting Paso Robles.  Or at least I'm going to use that as my rationale for writing a non-legal (illegal?) entry.  The subject?  The inaugural Paso Robles Harvest Marathon to be held on October 24, 2010.

The Marathon is hosted by the Paso Robles Rotary Club and net proceeds will benefit charities and local youth.  Long-running Paso Robles Rotary events like the Winemakers Cookoff have been hugely successful in raising funds for important needs including scholarships for Paso Robles High School students.  Almost as importantly, these events have been a lot of fun.  We expect the Marathon to follow in this tradition.

Appropriately for a "harvest" event in Paso (don't call us the New Napa) Robles, the start and finish location for the Marathon will be Sylvester Vineyards & Winery.  From Sylvester, the run will wind its way into the scenic and quiet hills of Paso Robles and San Miguel, passing numerous other vineyards and wineries along the route.  To a non-runner like me, the course seems fairly challenging, with a mix of hills separated by flat sections.

The weather is typically fantastic but can be unpredictable in Paso Robles in late October.  We could be experiencing a late snap of temperatures near 100 degrees or an early storm.  However, we'll cross our fingers for one of those beautiful fall days with crisp morning temperatures and a sunny afternoon with a temperature in the low 70s.

If you're not a runner, please tell your friends who do run that we would love to have them at this inaugural event.  We hope years from now, runners will proudly boast that they ran the first Paso Robles Harvest Marathon.  And please wave if you see me patrolling the course on my bicycle.

Mike McMahon

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