Legal Services of Carmel & Naccasha


Aviation Law

Carmel & Naccasha represents clients in a variety of aviation law matters. Our team of seasoned attorneys provides outstanding guidance in aircraft transactions, taxes, regulatory issues, certification and enforcement matters. Carmel & Naccasha’s professional and client focused philosophy is evident whether we are negotiating the purchase or lease of an aircraft, evaluating and providing tax recommendations, counseling on insurance needs, or managing the certification of aircraft operations. Understanding complexities involved in owning or operating an aircraft, as well as our deep understanding of business transactions allows our attorneys to simplify the intricate legal issues for our clients.

This area of law includes:

  • Aircraft Purchase and Sales
  • Fractional Aircraft Ownership
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Jet Card Ownership
  • Aircraft Ownership Structure and Financing
  • Aircraft Charter, Management and Services Agreements