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New Businesses Beware of Fraudulent Companies

Straying a bit from taxes, and pulling from a recent experience, I am posting a general warning to all California businesses.

Multiple companies are sending out "Annual Minute Complaince Obligation" documents that look official, even providing a seal on the top that is very similar to California's seal. These people are frauds. There is no annual requirement to file corporate minutes with anyone; a company need just maintain an up to date corporate book. These companies are requesting anywhere from $150 – $300 for their services.

Recently, a client of ours received two of these documents. One was the Annual Minute compliance document above. The second was a document actually entitled "statement of information". This steps way over the line of misrepresentation as California's required filing, with a $25 fee, is also called the statement of information. There is no sanctity among frauds. It appears they will provide more insidious misrepresentations in an attempt trick honest business owners

Beware, the fine print expressly states that these documents are a private solicitation for services. Unfortunately, given their official appearance, many people have simply paid the amounts. Review each document carefully, and if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to review any document you receive.