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Using the Internet as a Professional Development Tool

Many of us spend our days hunched over a computer, feverishly tapping out legal documents, e-mailing with clients, performing legal research.  Thinking about spending even more time in front of the flickering screen may not seem appealing but there are some sites that are worth exploring.  They provide an opportunity to perhaps look at our work a bit differently and to connect with fellow legal professionals.  I find it interesting to read about how others across the country and the world handle a practice similar to ours.  I’ve learned shortcuts and gained insights into areas of the law that are of interest to me as a professional.

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Social Media Policies

Just a short while ago the response of business to employees’ use of social media during the workday was simply that it was not allowed.  More recently, as the line between personal and business use of social media blurs, businesses are developing social media policies to be used in the workplace.  Such policies serve the purpose of clarifying appropriate use of technology while at work while acknowledging that employees take advantage of technology throughout the day for personal and business reasons. 

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Professionals and Social Media

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively communicate with coworkers, clients and the community at large via an array of technological tools.   Professionally, we may be members of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or a host of other social media networks. 

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