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Tenant Leaves Pet Behind. What’s a Landlord to do?

You are a landlord and you suspect your tenant has moved on but left behind her personal property, including her dog.  You’re savvy enough to know that the law views pets as personal property and you’re worried about getting dinged for removing a tenant’s property without a court order or giving written notice as required by statute.  

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Landlords Must Allow Tenants to Post Political Signs

California Civil Code section 1940.4 was added this year to prohibit landlords from forbidding a tenant from posting or displaying political signs. Senator Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego) introduced the legislation to enhance the ability of tenants to participate in the political process. In advocating on behalf of the legislation, Senator Kehoe stated, “[r]enters deserve the right to participate in our democracy and express their views just as much as homeowners.”

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