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C&N Attorney Participates in Presentation of Prestigious Award
Carmel & Naccasha attorney, Chair of California State Bar's Public Law Section at award event

Carmel & Naccasha attorney David Hirsch, 2014 Chair of the State Bar’s Public Law Section at the 2014 Public Lawyer of the Year award ceremony, with (left to right) the 2014 Award winner San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Wendy L. Patrick, California State Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakayue, State Bar Board of Trustees Member Michael Colantuono, and Public Law Section Vice-Chair Scott Dickey.

David Hirsch, Partner at Carmel and Naccasha LLP, served as the 2013-2014 Chair of the State Bar’s Public Law Section Executive Committee.   Each year, the Public Law Section selects and names an exceptional attorney, nominated from around the State, as the Public Lawyer of the Year.  The award is presented at a reception held during the State Bar’s Annual Meeting, which was held this year in San Diego.  Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakayue presented the 2014 award to Wendy L. Patrick, a San Diego County Deputy District Attorney during a ceremony on September 11th.

David Hirsch observed, “We received nominations of many truly exceptional public law attorneys this year.  The Public Law Section was pleased and honored to name Wendy Patrick as California’s Public Lawyer of the Year.”

Hirsch focuses his practice on municipal law, land use law and related matters.  He continues to actively contribute his time and knowledge to agencies supporting public law at both the state and local levels.  He also volunteers with a number of organizations in the City of Arroyo Grande.  To learn more about David Hirsch, click here.

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Easy Money

A woman had a legal problem; she was worried that her neighbors might sue her over a fencing issue.  At the first meeting with her new attorney he advised her that to put herself in the best possible legal position, she should post a $50,000 bond with the court so that any judge would see that she was acting in good faith.  In fact, he told her, the courts called this “the good faith bond”.  She wrote out the check right there in his office and the attorney amiably agreed to take the check and get the bond for her.  That same week the attorney met with another new client, this time a businessman who was having some difficulties with one of his adult bookstores.  The businessman immediately paid the attorney’s “retainer fee” and wrote out a check to the attorney for $75,000.00.

Neither client ever heard from their attorney again.


Yes, the attorney did ultimately lose his license to practice law. Yes, he was successfully prosecuted for grand theft.   And yes, the clients wisely applied for and received reimbursement (up to $50,000 each) from the Client Security Fund at the State Bar. The California State Bar has established the Client Security Fund to help reimburse clients who have had money stolen by their attorney.  A portion of the annual dues paid into the Bar goes into the fund. 

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Mara J. Mamet

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