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New Civil Judge for Paso for the New Year

Effective January 1, 2010, Judge Martin Tangeman will take over the civil department of the Paso Robles Courthouse, replacing Judge Roger Picquet.  We in the North County will be luck to have Judge Tangeman and hope he has a long stay in the Paso Robles Courthouse.

Judge Tangeman is widely respected for his intelligence, intellectual honesty, and work ethic.  On top of that, he's an exceptionally nice man and, almost as importantly, an avid bicyclist.  Before being appointed to the bench, Judge Tangeman was a partner at one of the county's oldest and largest law firms.  He counted the Madonnas and their businesses among his clients and spoke at Alex Madonna's memorial service.

I first met Judge Tangeman in 2005 while working as a court research attorney and was impressed not only with the way he handled questions of law but with the manner in which he treated parties, attorneys, and court staff.  I know from personal experience that Judge Tangeman was tireless in ensuring that he reached the proper result, often using others' research materials as a jumping off point for his own research on important points of law.  Although attorneys and parties sometimes disagreed with this decisions, his decisions had a solid legal and factual basis.

In 2007, Judge Tangeman left his civil department for a criminal assignment.  Although we hear he handled the criminal calendar exceptionally well, we civil attorneys are happy to have him back on civil assignment.  In his time on the bench, Judge Tangeman has handled high-profile cases including the Rockfish and Lingcod fishing closure case and the criminal case against a local doctor accused of "organ harvesting."

Michael McMahon