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Posts on Jan 1970

Carmel & Naccasha Celebrates 10 Years

Carmel & Naccasha LLP is proud to be celebrating ten years of service to the Central Coast. We are so grateful for the confidence and trust that has been placed in the firm over the last decade and we’d like to take this opportunity to express that gratitude to our clients, our attorneys, our staff, vendors, friends, business partners and the entire community.

“It feels like these last ten years have flown by. We’ve definitely had our fair share of challenges, but I think it seems to have gone by so quickly in large part because of the meaningful work we get to do every single day in this wonderful community. The victories, big and small, that we fight for on behalf of our clients make waking up and coming to work feel like a privilege,” said Managing Partner Ziyad Naccasha.

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How Does One Acquire an Easement by Prescription?

While many people have heard about acquiring easements by prescription, they may not be readily familiar with the required elements. For starters, a prescriptive easement isn’t available at a pharmacy.

A prescriptive easement arises when one person unlawfully infringes on the rights of another property owner. If the property owner fails to interfere with the person’s use of his or her property, a prescriptive easement may be created. In order to acquire a prescriptive easement, a claimant must

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