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Posts on Jan 1970

California Supreme Court Upholds Charter Cities’ Exemption from Prevailing Wage Requirements

Under California law, cities may be organized under either the general laws of the State or under a charter adopted by the local voters. The charter is a written document that operates as the city’s “constitution.”  Cities that adopt their own charter may adopt their own procedures for matters that are considered “municipal affairs.” Just as the California Constitution controls the actions of the State, a city’s charter operates as the constitution of the city.

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Carmel & Naccasha Supports Local School

Shell Beach Elementary held a 5K Fun Run on the beach in Pismo Beach on Saturday, September 8, 2012. This was the first ever Shell Beach Elementary Fun Run organized by the Shell Beach Parent Teacher Organization. The event was such a success it will surely become a tradition for years to come.

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Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!

I love going on vacation but the stress of preparation often leaves me reconsidering whether or not it’s all worth it. In conversations with friends and colleagues I found others who also suffer from “vacation anxiety” so I did a bit of research to explore the phenomenon further.

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