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Posts on Jan 1970

The City of San Luis Obispo’s Measures A and B- A Look at How the City’s Charter May be Amended

The City of San Luis Obispo is governed by a Charter adopted by the local voters. The provisions of the city’s Charter may be amended from time to time or repealed by subsequent votes of the voters. An amendment to the Charter may be proposed either by the City Council or by an initiative submitted to the City Council by the voters.

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Sabbatical Programs Offered to Employees May Count as Vested Vacation upon Separation

Employers who choose to include sabbaticals as part of their employee benefits must understand the implications of such a benefit upon an employee’s separation with the employer. Most employers know vested vacation must be paid to the employee upon separation, however, they do not realize sabbaticals may also qualify as vested vacation that must be paid to the employee upon separation.

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Impact of State Budget on Access to Justice; Proposed Changes to Local Rules

The continuing state budget crisis is being experienced locally to a greater extent.  Beginning October 7, some employees will be furloughed every Friday.  Although courthouses will be open on Fridays, services will be greatly reduced.  A few courtrooms will be open to tend to mandated hearings and criminal matters, domestic violence, elder abuse and civil harassment restraining orders involving stalking and/or threats of domestic violence.

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Changes to Court Services

The San Luis Obispo Superior Court announced changes to the services provided by the Court due to budget cuts and the need for additional furloughs. To see the full announcement visit the Court’s website at

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