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Posts on Jan 1970

Development Agreements – A Useful Tool for Developers and Government Agencies

A development agreement is an agreement negotiated between a city or county and a developer with regard to a particular development. Development agreements allow a developer to lock into the rules, regulations, and policies governing permitted uses, density, design, improvements, and construction that are in effect at the time the agreement is executed. As such, development agreements are a tool developers may use to gain some certainty regarding the requirements that may be imposed on a proposed development.  This affords a developer the ability to better estimate the scope and cost of a project.

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Using the Internet as a Professional Development Tool

Many of us spend our days hunched over a computer, feverishly tapping out legal documents, e-mailing with clients, performing legal research.  Thinking about spending even more time in front of the flickering screen may not seem appealing but there are some sites that are worth exploring.  They provide an opportunity to perhaps look at our work a bit differently and to connect with fellow legal professionals.  I find it interesting to read about how others across the country and the world handle a practice similar to ours.  I’ve learned shortcuts and gained insights into areas of the law that are of interest to me as a professional.

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The Difference Between a Charter City and a General Law City

California state law dictates that cities may be organized under either the general laws of the State or under a charter adopted by the local voters. This authority is set forth in the California Government Code commencing with Section 34100.

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